Now you can book your healing session with Kelly.  She has taken her love for natural and organic skincare to heal the external body, her knowledge and schooling for energy and massage work and found an incredible way of connecting it all together in an in depth 2 hour session. 


Picture this, you arrive at a beautiful wellness center. It is a booming business already, so much so that they had to expand and open a second building in the same shopping center. The fixtures are beautiful, clean, walls colorful and purple, lots of beautiful Pottery Barn decorations everywhere. Their is multiple yoga rooms and an eyelash station where people are getting false eyelashes put on. You walk up to the mirrored front desk and tell the reception you have arrived. “Kelly will be with you shortly (if I’m not already there waiting)”. I bring you back to a designated room decorated with the same posh decorations, the smell is delicious from the candles burning, and soft massage music playing. I offer you a glass of water while we sit and we begin our assessment. This assessment is an in-depth conversation about how you are feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally. You automatically realize Kelly wants to know you as a person so she can touch on how to heal your body, mind, and soul personally. This will last anywhere between 5-20 min. After she feels you have really connected, she will guide you from there briefly on just what she is going to do as far as your treatment.  Clothes on or off (once again, depending on the clients needs). After she feels your massage is ready to come to an end, you will gently wrap up. What is typically included in the massage is energy work, deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish, core, cranial sacral, hot towel and/or hot stone, and essential oils and/or tinctures (a plant and flower based natural remedy in a liquid form).  After your treatment, you will then sit down and have a brief follow up assessment where Kelly will ask you how you’re feeling, explain her findings and how she believes she can help you in the long run.  recommendations will be made about how often to come back and offer packages and discounts for frequent returns. As you leave you will be shown her  natural skincare line and will be able to pick a free gift to take home from the shelf which will include either a signature Organic SugarButter body scrub or Organic body butter for continued pampering that will last for days!



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(must be paid in full by January 14th, 2018 midnight to receive discounted rate.  Redeemable after February 1st, 2018)